Joe D. Guitar

After taking a break from music "Joe D." has returned to the guitar with more passion than ever before.

About Joe

Music has been a part of Joe's life since a young age.  Starting out first on the alto saxophone when he was 9, followed by a brief stint in the garage with a used drum kit, and finally picking up a guitar when he was 14.

As a teenager Joe played in bands writing original heavy metal and hard rock music. In his twenties Joe switched to playing in a cover band.  As time went on Joe got married, graduated from college and focused on his career.  In 2007, Joe took a break from music completely to master the art of being a Super Dad.  (See Joe's other website

In 2015, Joe realized he needed to stop sitting on the sidelines and get back in the music game.  Joe got back into the scene via open mics and started building up his repertoire as a solo guitarist and singer.  In 2017 he started playing solo gigs again on both guitar and vocals.  A list of some of the songs that Joe covers can be found here on his Repertoire page.  It's an eclectic mix of songs from the 60s onward including selections from Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Johnny Cash, Warren Zevon, Tom Petty, Jack White,  Ween,  The Go-Gos (yes we said, The Go-Gos)  and many others.  Joe continually adds to his reportoire to keep it fresh and interesting for himself as well as his audience.  Recordings of Joe's work can be heard on both Soundcloud and YouTube.

In 2019 Joe reconnected with his old friend, bandmate, and drummer Tito Wilson.   Now Joe, Tito, along with the addition of Albert Ahlf on keys, host the World Famous Casa Jam at Casa Del Sol in Nyack, NY.  They can be seen and heard there every month as The Whoopsadaisy Jam!  It's where they not only perform as a group but also serve as hosts to an "open jam" where other musicians, vocalists, and performers are invited to sit in and play with the band.  Joe enjoys this chance not only to connect with other musicians but to work on his musical chops as fellow jammers can put him on the spot and keep him on his toes.  Songs aren't always planned out ahead of time - anything can happen musically - but it's guaranteed to be fun for both the performers as well as the listeners!